Service Bulletin No. 1006 issued by the New Piper Aircraft, Inc.

This is a condensed and edited version of the bulletin. The full document was mailed to registered owners and should be available from your aircraft mechanic. The following information is placed on this website to help you decide if your aircraft is affected and how your wing tank hose assemblies may be affected by the inspection process.  IT IS NOT THE ACTUAL SERVICE BULLETIN!

PA-28-140 Cherokee 28-20000 through 28-7725290  
PA-28-150/160/180 Cherokee 28-1 through 28-7505259 & 28-E13  
PA-28-151 Warrior 28-7415001 through 28-7715314  
PA-28-161 Warrior 11 28-7716001 through 28-8616057, and  
PA-28-161 Warrior 111 2816001 through 2816119, 842001 and up  
PA-28-161 Cadet 2841001 through 2841365 and up  
PA-28-181 Archer 11 28-7690001 through 28-8690062, 2890001 through 2890205  
PA-28-181 Archer 111 2890206 through 2890231, 2843001 and up  
PA-28-235 Cherokee 28-10001 through 28-7710089 8 28-E11  
PA-28-236 Dakota 28-7911001 through 28-8611008, 2811001 through 2811038,  
  2811040 through 2811050, and up  
PA-28-201 T Turbo Dakota 28-7921001 through 28-7921095  
PA-28R-180 Arrow 28R-30001 through 28R-7130013  
PA-28R-200 Arrow/Arrow 11 28R-35001 through 28R-7635462  
PA-28R-201 Arrow 111 28R-7737001 through 28R-7837319,  
PA-28R-201 Arrow 2837001 through 2837061, 2844001 8 up  
PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow 111 28R-7703001 through 28R-7803374 and  
PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow 2803001 through 2803012  
PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV 28R-7918001 through 28R-8218026,  
PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV 28R-7931001 through 28R-8631005, 2831001 through 2831038  
PA-32-260 Cherokee Six 32-1 through 32-7800008  
PA-32-300 Cherokee Six 300 32-40000 through 32-7940290  
PA-32-301 Saratoga 32-8006001 through 32-8606023, 3206001 through 3206088  
PA-32-301T Turbo Saratoga 32-8024001 through 32-8424002  
PA-32R-300 Lance 32R-7680001 through 32R-7880068  
PA-32RT-300 Lance 11 32R-7885001 through 32R-7985105  
PA-32RT-300T Turbo Lance 11 32R-7887001 through 32R-7987126  
PA-32R-301 Saratoga SP 32R-8013001 through 32R-8613006, 3213001 through 3213041  
PA-32R-301 Saratoga 11 H P 3213029, 3213042 through 3213103, 3246001 and up  
PA-32R-301T Turbo Saratoga SP 32R-8029001 through 32R-8629006, 3229001, 3229002 and 3229003  
PA-32R-301 T Saratoga 11 TC 3257001 and up  

Compliance Time: To coincide with the next regularly scheduled maintenance inspection upon reaching seven (7) calendar years time in service and at each seven (7) calendar years thereafter. If beyond seven (7) calendar years time in service, to coincide with the next regularly scheduled maintenance inspection but not to exceed the next one hundred (100) hours time in service and at each seven (7) calendar years thereafter.

APPROVAL: The technical contents of this Service Bulletin have been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

PURPOSE: Recent reports of significant corrosion on the spar cap behind the fuel tanks in PA-28 and PA-32 series aircraft have prompted the creation of additional guidance beyond that contained in current Service/Maintenance Manuals. While the Service/Maintenance Manuals cover this area for corrosion inspection thorough inspection is often missed due to insufficient disassembly or difficulty in gaining access to the area of inspection. This Service Bulletin is intended to supplement the existing corrosion inspection requirements by detailing specific areas for a more thorough examination and by recommendations for preventative treatment. In addition, a calendar time replacement of the flexible fuel vent hoses behind the fuel tank is established which coincide with the removal of the fuel tank required by this Service Bulletin. If not detected, significant corrosion in the spar cap area may affect the structural integrity of the spar, which, if left uncorrected, may compromise the wing structure.

This Service Bulletin provides an initial and repetitive inspection requirement to detect, treat, and if necessary, eliminate damaged parts by replacement or field repair. In addition, this Service Bulletin requires repetitive replacement of flexible fuel vent hoses.

INSTRUCTIONS: (Refer to the applicable Service/Maintenance Manual as required)

Note: Service Bulletin 646A must be complied with prior to or in conjunction with this Service Bulletin.

(Check for model and serial number applicability).

Note: Refer to the model charts on page 4 and 5. Each chart addresses the inspection requirement of a family group of Piper aircraft. For example PA-28 series, addresses aircraft from the Cherokees to Arrows.

1. Identify the chart, which best fits your aircraft.

2. Drain and remove the fuel tanks from the aircraft wing. Accomplish the inspection instructions contained on the chart. CAUTION: Great care must be taken when fuel tanks are removed, as fuel tanks are wing structure.

3. If corrosion is detected and is beyond minor surface oxidation, replace or repair the affected parts before continuing with this Service Bulletin. Utilize a current revision of the Piper Parts Catalog to determine the appropriate part numbers for any required replacement part. Although this Service Bulletin addresses corrosion, the general, condition of the inspected" area must also be considered. Should other discrepancies be noted such as cracking, wear, et., the affected pans must be repaired or replaced. Repairs are not available from Piper, utilize AC43. 13 or other FAA approved methods for an acceptable means of repair.

Note: Prior to application of corrosion preventative, assure that any part, which may have been replaced or repaired, is clean and that the paint or primer is thoroughly cured.

4. Remove and replace flexible vent hoses at the fuel tanks and outlets (as applicable). Normal replacement of other flexible fuel lines are at 8 years or 1000 hours, however, it is recommended but not required that these lines be replaced at this time. (Any flexible line, which fails inspection, must be replaced regardless of time in service).

5. To coincide with or upon the completion of the inspections required by this Service Bulletin, treat the affected areas utilizing Dinotrol AV 8, Piper Part Number 89500-800. Follow the instructions on the container. One container should be sufficient for PA-28's while two containers are required for PA-32's.

6. Close all areas where access has been gained

7. Prior to returning the aircraft to service, it will be necessary to perform operational checks on any area or system disturbed by inspection, repair or part replacement. Refer to the appropriate Service or Maintenance Manual chapter for the applicable system for (retailed information. (i.e. fuel quantity, fuel feed, etc.).

8. Upon successful completion of these instructions make an appropriate logbook entry of compliance with this Service Bulletin.

MATERIAL REQUIRED: As required by inspection one or more Containers of Dinotrol AV 8, Piper Part Number 89500-800 Note: This material required section does not address fuel vent hoses or any part which may need to be replaced as the result of this inspection. The part number must be obtained by referencing the latest revision of the Aerofiche Parts Catalog applicable to your model of aircraft.

AVAILABILITY OF PARTS: Your Piper Field Service Facility.

SUMMARY: There is NO factory participation available for compliance with this Service Bulletin.

Please contact your factory authorized Piper Field Service Facility to make arrangements for compliance with this Service Bulletin in accordance with the compliance time indicate and to obtain additional information concerning any applicable factory participation.

NOTE: If you are no longer in possession of this aircraft, please forward this information to the present owner/operator and notify the factory of address/ownership corrections. Changes should include aircraft model, serial number, current owner's name, and address

Corrections/Changes should be directed to:

The New Piper Aircraft, Inc. ATTN: Customer Services 2926 Piper Drive Vero Beach, FL 32960